Exhibition & sponsorship

Dear Potential Sponsor / Exhibitor of our HTC-2018 conference,

Let me herewith invite you to be a sponsor or an exhibitor at our HTC-2018 conference. HTC stands for “High Temperature Capillarity”. This will be the 9th HTC conference in a series to be held in a great Hungarian castle Lillafüred, near Miskolc, Hungary, in the period between 18-22 June 2018. The previous HTC conferences were organized by Slovakia in 1994, Poland in 1997, Japan in 2000, Italy in 2004, Spain in 2007, Greece in 2009, Israel in 2012 and Germany in 2015.

The major topics during this conference will be:

  1. High-temperature wetting
  2. Surfaces and interfaces at high temperatures
  3. Capillarity in high-temperature materials processing
  4. Capillarity in nano-science and nano-technology.

The best of HTC people worldwide will attend the conference, with a special issue to be published in the prestigious Journal of Materials Science. The basic experimental method of HTC is the sessile drop method, when the behavior of a drop of liquid metal (or slag or glass) hold on a substrate is recorded at a high temperature. These experiments require high precision heating, vacuum and optic devices. Evaluation of the results after the experiments require all possible chemical and phase analysis of metals and glasses at the micron and even nano-levels. The computational tools to evaluate the results are image analysis and the Calphad-type software packages.

We are looking forward to receive your offers to be our highly valued sponsor or exhibitor. We will make our very best to increase the visibility of your company and/or product(s) at our conference. More importantly we are excited to see you all in person in June 2018!

Please check our offer and became a supporter or an exhibitor at the HTC 2018!

Professor George Kaptay,
Corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Chair of the HTC-2018 conference