Special issue

The selection of best papers from the HTC-2018 conference will be published in the prestigious Journal of Materials Science, as agreed with Editor-in-chief, C.B. Carter. The 2016 impact factor of this journal is 2.599. The journal currently has H = 135 and in 2016 it was ranked as Q1 in Materials Science (misc), also Q1 in Mechanical Engineering and Q2 in Mechanics of Materials (see http://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=21162&tip=sid&clean=0). The Editorial Board of the journal includes frequent HTC participants D. Chatain, W.D. Kaplan, A. Passerone and E. Rabkin, while W.C. Carter and A.P. Tomsia are members of the Distinguished Advisory Board of the journal.

Papers should be submitted before September 2018 to the website of the journal. Upon submission, paper type “special issue HTC-2018” should be selected, to be opened after the conference. The lead Guest Editor of the special issue will be G. Kaptay, chair of HTC-2018. The members of the Guest Editorial Board will be selected from the International Scientific Committee of HTC-2018. Submitted papers will undergo a usual review process, but after acceptance they will be published together as Selection of Best Papers from the HTC-2018 Conference.